Thursday, October 30, 2014

Character Tour

Happy Monday to all!  
     I am happy to present my part of the Meet My Character Tour, which has been passed on to me by amazing children's illustrator, Ginger Nielson.  Ginger is an ole critique pal of mine from the Visual Storyteller's Studio, and she's also in the CBIG-NYC.  I'd like to send Ginger a big THANK YOU for tagging me and giving me a chance to talk about my Character.  Spike.  
To see and learn more of Ginger's books and illustrations, and her character, Lenny, visit:

As for Spike...  I have finished Spike's first picture book dummy, titled Spike and the Wee Sea Folk.  The bottom images are the 2 colored illustrations from the dummy - which, I am considering revising before sending it out.  I have also started working on Spike's second PB dummy, titled Spike's Magical Halloween.  Here is the new b/w character study of Spike in a Halloween scene below.  
Now on to the Character Tour: 
A scene from Spike's Magical Halloween, ink, by Christine Mixcopyright 2014, WIP

Spike and the Wee Sea Folk, from PB dummy, watercolor, WIP, by Christine Mix ocpyright 2009

Spike Bumps into a Star, by Christine Mix copyright 2009
What is the name of your character?
Spike the Dragon
When and where is the story set?
The story takes place in the evening sky and on the seashore of New England. 

What should we know about Spike? 
Spike is a clumsy, but, friendly sky dragon.  He has a big heart and would do anything for his friends, including fighting Pirates.  One of Spike's magical powers, is that he can time travel and change size where ever he goes.  Spike loves to travel.
What messes up its life? 
Spike has trouble seeing and what he needs is a pair of eyeglasses.  Without his glasses, he bumps into everything.  He's also a little naive and get's into trouble at times - but, it's all in good fun.
What is the personal goal of your character?
To find his magic and help his friends, a small boy and the wee sea folk, or whoever is in distress. 
You can learn more about Spike on Spike's PB dummy page on the side bars.  I'll be posting more images of Spike's Magical Halloween, work in progress, so stay tuned!
I am happy to pass along the Meet My Character Blog Tour to a wonderful children's illustrator, Alison Lyne.   I know Alison from the Visual Storytellers Studio Showcase and I've always admired her work.  Look for Alison's introduction to her character on her blog next Monday, Nov. 3rd.  Here is a little more about Alison:
 Alison Davis Lyne has illustrated 11 titles for Pelican Publishing Company in Louisiana. She is a PAL SCBWI Midsouth region member, and edits the ART TIPS column in the SCBWI Bulletin. You can see more about her at and in her blog


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