Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hurricane Irene... in Southern Vermont

This used to be our road...

This is our road -washed out- as for the silly neighbor in the crack of the road... don't try this at home kids.... several people were lost to the river by standing on banks that gave away while they watched the raging rivers...

Hurricane Irene hit New England on Sunday, August 28th... 2011. 260 roads were washed out or washed away, 700 homes washed away, 30 bridges and railways -washed out. Here are some pictures from two days after of our washed out road in Bondville Vermont.... stay tuned for more photos and links... and info. on how you can help Vermonters, as well as, other areas affected in the North East. Meanwhile check out the Red Cross at ... to make a donation.

For more photos, videos, flood information, updates and relief links, visit

For more information and links on Jamaica, Vermont, one of the nearby towns that was hit the hardest, where a major bridge on Rt. 100 was washed away, along with several back roads and 7 houses washed down the river... Visit to learn more about Vermont Disaster Relief benefits, damage and how you can help.

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