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Fall Cartoon / Illustration Residency and Early Winter in Vermont, 2018

 Fall Cartoon / Illustration Residency and Early Winter in Vermont, 2018

NorthEaster November 2018, Weston, VT.

It's been a long time since I've posted on my blog and social media, due to Winter storms, (in which we lost power for four days), the Thanksgiving holiday, a trip to NYC for the annual CBIG portfolio review in early November and a super awesome Cartoon / Illustration Arts Residency that I was fortunate enough to teach at the Bridge School in Middlebury, Vermont at the end of October, 2018! 
Cartoon Character Studies at the Bridge School, Middlebury, Vt. Fall 2018

This holiday season I am giving special thanks to all of the children, staff, parents and community at the Bridge School and Middlebury, Vt, for having me and finding new ways to connect with themselves, finding out who they are through researching their own ancestries, as well as, their own community and in other cultures. 

Through studying the art of animated movies, like Coco and It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, we were able to integrate discovering ancestors, connecting it with Fall Holidays such as Dia De Los Muertos in Mexico and Halloween.  

Children learned old and new cartoon / illustration and animation drawing tricks and found new ways to discover and tell their own stories, through drawing.

More thanks to the Vermont Arts Council and the National Endowment of the Arts for their support, which helped to make this residency possible. And more thanks to the staff and residents at Eastview at Middlebury for taking the time to let the children interview and sketch them, and for hosting an art exhibit of the children's work from the Bridge School. It was one of most inspirational and fun experiences I've had teaching art - thanks to everyone to worked so hard and made it successful! 

I still feel a warm glow from all of the wonderful people at the Bridge School, and in Middlebury, and it helped us make it through the first Winter storm  - just in time for Christmas In Weston.
Happy Holidays to all!

A Change in Scenery – From Summer to Fall

Weston, Vt., photo by Chris Mix

What I did this Summer….

It was another beautiful Summer in Vermont, full with library summer reading programs, wild flowers, abundant wild life, sunshine, art, music, weddings and vacations!

My Own Version of the Yellow Submarine, by Christine Mix, 2018, marker

This year I was happy to once again be included in the Vermont Department of Libraries, Performers Grant List for their Summer Reading Program, “Libraries Rock!”  I focused my theme on helping children to create their own album or CD cover art and introducing them to the music of the 60’s and 70’s.     We studied the music of The Beatles, along with their animated movie and album cover art of The Yellow Submarine.
Hartford Library, Hartford, Vt.

Hartford Library, Hartford, Vt.

The children really came up with some amazing illustrations, learning from the previous generations before them, they found the freedom to draw anything they wanted too, finding new ways to express their imagination.

I have to say, it was a truly inspiring Summer, and a busy one at that.   Now that Summer 2018 is finally rolling to an end, we found time for one of those wonderful “End of the Summer” vacations.  There is nothing like a change of scenery to clear our minds, heal our hearts, give us a new perspective and open our imaginations.  This year we took a real vacation, to a place I’ve never been before…. Denver and Pagosa Springs, Colorado!   Denver was a great little city.   We visited the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, where we saw an exhibit on gems and minerals, and the “Dead Sea Scrolls.”  Obviously, they wouldn’t let us take pictures of the “Dead Sea Scrolls,” but, they were amazing.   And the gems were eye opening!

Sunset, Englewood, Co., photo by Chris Mix, 2018

Ever since I was a young girl, I wanted to see Colorado, but, it always seemed that everyone else in my family and several friends, had been there, but, not me.
Old Spanish Church, Colorado, photo by Christine Mix, 2018

At first, it was scary to take 10 days off of my day job and from my art, as we hadn’t been on a long vacation in over 18 years.   But, once we got through our rough flights and delays in Chicago and landed in Denver, the charm of the West, her food and people, replaced the fear – and the motion sickness.   A day of rest and good tacos helped too.

  After a day or two in Denver, we headed to Pagosa Springs to get a glimpse of the old West, it’s mountains, deserts and people and music at the Four Corners Folk Festival.    We drove over 10,000 + ft mountain passes, and camped out in 7,000 + ft elevations, it was a bit dry and dusty, but, the views were spectacular and will continue to inspire my soul and hopefully, my art, for a very long time.
Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado, photo by Chris Mix, 2018

While camping and traveling, I found that, being disconnected from wi – fi was not so bad after all.  When I got home, all was okay –  and I discovered that magic does still happen without wi-fi, and while you are away on vacation.

Just before I left for Colorado, I was contacted by Joe Milliken, writer and journalist, to do an interview about my illustrations, for his website, “Standing Room Only. “  Joe also writes for The Vermont Journal and The Shopper.  He has a book soon to be released in November 2018, titled, Let's Go! Benjamin Orr and The Cars.   I feel honored to be in such cool company.  While I was in Colorado, this article came out in The Vermont Journal, our local town newspaper.  It was a nice surprise, as I thought it was just going on the website.

Luckily, our local librarian saved a copy for me.  Librarians Rock!
Fiddlin Fairy and the Puppy, watercolor by Christine Mix, copyright 2018

Now that Fall is around the corner, along with conferences and portfolio reviews ahead, it’s time to get back to the drawing board and revise that old Dummy, and play around with some new stories as well.  
Fiddlin Fairy with the Stars, watercolor, by Christine Mix copyright 2018

And who knows… maybe one of those stories will feature a dragon, fairies, or puppies, or maybe even a ghost or spooky Halloween story…. Stay tuned!
Puppy and Fiddlin Fairy, pencil by Christine Mix copyright 2018

Happy Spring and Early Summer 2018!

Kingsland Bay, Ferrisburgh, Vt, March 2018, photo by Christine Mix, 2018

It has been a whole season since I’ve written on my blog, as life has a way of gracing us with her twists and turns.   We lost a very dear friend, who was close to our family this last February.  His name was Tom, and it felt like loosing a brother.   He was a fine musician, a best friend to many and a great example to his community and everyone who knew him.   He passed away unexpectedly, due to complications from the flu and a fall, in a very short time.  It left a whole community in shock.    It reminded us all that life can be very short, and that we really need to live, love, care, be kind and be there in the moment, for everyone and everything around us.   We need to remember to stop every now and then and take a break, a rest, and a breath and smell the roses.  Because, the sun does still shine and every second is magical, here and in the life beyond.  

On the Sunny Side of Life… 

  A Cartoon / Illustration Arts Residency in Ferrisburgh, Vermont, March, 2018

2nd Grader comic / cartoons in the making at Ferrisburgh Central School, March, 2018

A few weeks after our friend passed, I was fortunate to be a part of the
Arts Enrichment Program 2018, at Ferrisburgh Central School, in Ferrisburgh, Vermont.  

 In Fall 2017, I was invited by Julie Gramling, and the art teacher Alison Parsons, to teach a cartoon / illustration artist residency for two weeks during March 2018, for grades K through 6.   After meeting Julie and Alison, I quickly accepted.  I believe I had just as much fun teaching art, as the children had with drawing.

Student has fun drawing cartoons at FCS, Ferrisburgh, Vt.

Through the world of visual storytelling, in cartoons and illustrations, students learned the art of cartoon drawing and old animation tricks.  Through using their imaginations, children discovered new ways to understand and tell their own stories, connecting what they learned in class, to the world around them. 
Final Exhibit at FCS, March 2018, Cartoon Arts Enrichment Program 2018

Final Exhibit at FCS, March 2018, Cartoon Arts Enrichment Program 2018

 This was my second arts residency that I have taught as a teaching artist in elementary schools, in the last two years and once again, I was astonished by the amazing talent of today’s generation of elementary aged children.   Their art, fresh ideas, willingness to learn and help create the world around them is amazing.   Once again, I was inspired to remember to do my best or at least try, even if life throws us hard blows every now and then.  

Final Exhibit at FCS, March 2018, Cartoon Arts Enrichment Program 2018

So where is the magic in all of this? 

Working with the children at FCS, giving them a chance to fire up their imaginations, and run with it, while making some awesome art, (see in the pictures posted), I was able to get out of my own creative block and work on an assignment with Mark Mitchell’s Guest Critiques.   During the residency I shared it’s process with the children, so they could better understand the meaning of revisions. I am currently working on making a huge revision on a picture book dummy that I’ve been working on since forever, and have chosen to take some recent advice from agents and possibly turn it into a graphic novel type format.   So here is an example of a possible cover…

And there was even a little more magic  at the end of the arts residency at FCS; I was lucky enough to bring my other half Jake, up to Vergennes.   We stayed an extra day and explored the Lake Champlain bays a bit, taking in her beauty, wild life, history, food and wonder.   As I was nearing the end of the residency, we found out that our friend Tom, who passed recently, spent all of his childhood summers in Vergennes, Vt., camping and staying with relatives by the lake.  This may explain why we kept feeling his presence while in Vergennes, and a sense of magic and protection.  
Button Bay, Vergennes, Vt. March 2018, photo by Christine Mix copyright 2018

It’s not always easy moving on to something so wonderful, after suddenly loosing someone so close, but the community and staff of FCS, and everyone I met in Ferrisburgh and Vergennes were so supportive and encouraging.   A huge thank you to Julie Gramling, Alison Parsons, with the Arts Enrichment Program, the staff and all of the children at FCS for making it such a fun and wonderful experience!  
Final Exhibit at FCS, March 2018, Cartoon Arts Enrichment Program 2018

Another huge thanks you to Bill and Sue at the Emmerson Guest House in Vergennes, Vt. for their kindness and hospitality during my stay in Vergennes.

If you’re an artist in any format, be it a writer, visual artist, performing artist, or you’re just some one who craves to get a way to a place of beauty, magic and rich history, along with great places to eat, I highly suggest visiting the Champlain Valley in Vermont. 

Now that schools are almost out for the Summer, it’s time for me to get back to work, teaching library art programs and most importantly…. Back to the drawing board!

Fairy in the Stars, Work in Progress, by Christine Mix copyright 2018, watercolor

Happy Winter Holidays to All 2017  -2018!
Josie's First Christmas, pencil sketch by Christine Mix copyright 2017

 The Winter holidays always bring a sigh of relief at the end of each year, as we think about all of what we have accomplished, or have let go, during the last year.   It's a great excuse to take a break from life's routines and busy work schedules, to take time to contact and be with old friends and family, and enjoy the chance to look back and celebrate life.
Living in Vermont, I enjoy the snow storms, (as long as I'm not driving,) and love the opportunity to draw and paint on a snowy day at home, sipping hot tea or chocolate.  Shoveling snow?  Well, that's another story....
(In these two images above, the bottom one is a quick color study of our new puppy, and the above sketch is an idea for a new holiday illustration, in the works.)

I'm also looking forward to the New Year and making a decision to buckle down and take a good children's illustration course.  There are so many out there, and I want to do them all!
I am currently part of a great on - line monthly Guest Critiques Group, Marks and Splashes, hosted by children's illustrator and wonderful teaching artist,  Mark Mitchell.   Every month, he has different professional illustrators, art directors and agents as guests, visit on a live webinar / chat, where they review illustrations, portfolios and give us assignments, along with a little course on drawing as well.  I believe these sessions are really helping my drawing, and is something I've been needing for a long, long, time.   Last month, I talked about what a great resource CBIG-NYC has been, and together, with Mark Mitchell's Guest Critiques, I have learned invaluable advice and drawing tips that are taking my work to another level - hopefully, a good one.
For example - here are some revisions I just did on a character I'm developing, thanks to illustrator and teaching artist, Cindy Wider and the helpful drawing tips she gave us in our latest session -  in learning how to make animals and children cuter...
New Revision, of Fiddlin Fairy, by Christine Mix copyright 2017
Above is the newest Revision of a Fiddlin Fairy character I am developing.  With Cindy's advice, I shorted her legs and arms, and corrected her anatomy to make her cuter.
 Above - earlier color version of the Fiddlin Fairy, before I shortened and fixed her anatomy.  Can you tell the difference?
More early sketches of Fiddlin Fairy, by Christine Mix 2017, (above)

New Revised sketches for Fiddlin Fairy character, by Christine Mix 2017
And here are more sketches of my Fiddlin Fairy character.  I have to admit, I'm not sure where she is heading, but, I think she will be meeting lot's of new friends, adventures and a new story soon.  This is another reason why I am looking forward to Winter - where I can slow down on the day jobs, focus on my new stories and drawing, and lesson plan for a new arts residency coming up in the Spring - on Lake Champlain!  (More info. on the residency as we more towards Spring.)
 Now, that is a New Year to look forward to.   
The only other thing I need to do now is to be patient and wait till Christmas day, when I can open my new boxes of art materials, which someone special is wrapping for me.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!

Happy Fall to All! 
October Morning in Vermont
  Just like an early Fall morning, we awaken from the long Summer to a fresh start.  Like going back to school, we get back to our lives, goals and dreams.

October Sunset on Lake Bomoseen, Vermont

 Sometimes in life, work can get really busy - which is good, but, one also needs to be careful when big decisions come along that effect which direction we are going.   Are we following our life's goals and long time dreams?  Are we happy?  Are the people and the animals we care about happy?  Along with being an illustrator, artist and teaching artist, like many Vermonters and most people, I also work a couple of seasonal part -time day jobs.    
  As much as I love my jobs and the people I work with, even more, I love writing, drawing, painting, and getting back to it.
Inktober 2017 sketches, by Christine Mix copyright 2017

 Thank gosh for Jay Parker's #Inktober and all of the other illustration, writing and drawing challenges out there.   They help keep the fires glowing in an artist's heart!  
 Although I only got a few Inktober's in this year, it felt great just to get back to my illustrations again  - and sketching!

Spring Cleaning, Sherlock Chipmunk sketches, by Christine Mix copyright 2011 / 2017

        #Inktober inspired me to do many more sketches in October, (which never made it to the post), but, I worked them up in time for this year's CBIG Portfolio Review.  For example, this was a great opportunity for me to take a character I created approx. 6 years ago, and bring him out again, with new character sketches, creating new story ideas. (above image)

Fiddlin Fairy, watercolor, ink, by Christine Mix copyright 2017
 Here is another little sketch, (above), created from a sketch exercise from Mark Mitchell's Guest Critiques, a few months ago.   It was fun to finally ink and paint this little character.   I actually painted her twice, but, I prefer this newer image.
Mandy and the Fairy sketches, ink, by Christine Mix copyright 2017
 Above, are more sketches I've been drawing for a possible new story in the making, which may go with the new illustration below, featuring our late dog, Mandy, who passed this time last year.
Mandy and the Fairies, by Christine Mix copyright 2017
Looking back over the Summer, I felt like my seasonal day jobs carried me away from my art, however, I somehow managed to sketch and keep creating in between jobs and programs.

And now that November is here, I am so happy to have been able to add some of this year's work into my portfolio, and make it to that CBIG Portfolio Review in NYC - which as usual, was such an amazing and inspiring experience.  Thanks to all of folks of CBIG, art directors, designers, editors and agents who worked so hard to make it happen.
Empire State Building on a Foggy Night, Christine Mix copyright 2017
Like the fog in the Fall, life is full of surprises.  I think the best surprises happen when we surprise ourselves, and find that somehow, getting back on the path to our dreams is easier then we think.
It's always right there - next to us, if we only look.
  When the fog clears, we find that every day is a new day - full of new discoveries, just like a new  puppy visiting a beach for her very first time.

Jake and our new puppy - Josie

July 18, 2017 - Summertime!

So, Summer has finally arrived in Vermont, and today we are actually reaching just a little over 80 degrees.  The thunderstorms have  been a little wild, but, they always remind us, that just as our own storms appear now and then in life, there's always, a rainbow at the end.
Rainbow over the Green Mountains, Vt., photo by Christine Mix, copyright 2017

Sometimes, life can great crazy with so much work and chores to do... Spring cleaning, that gets extended to Summer repairs around the house, cars, gardens, etc... 
  And then let's add the art and library educational programs and residencies, which many artists of all medias do - not just for extra money, but, because we enjoy sharing, helping and learning from the world around us.   
  And part - time day jobs?  Yes, many artists, like myself, also have day jobs, some more then one, that not only help support our families, ourselves and our careers, but, often we learn other skills and life experiences, that add to our creative experiences - and output as humans.  We make friends and learn how to treat people with respect, kindness and compassion.
    As I take a step back - again, to look at life and where I am going with my art, illustration, writing and relationships, where I've been and where I'm going - I realize that it's all a journey and the lessons are abundant and magical! 

Mandy & the Little Folk, Christine Mix copyright 2017

  Life is an adventure and one of my favorite Summertime activities is listening to podcasts, following Kidlit blogs, social media, lessons, podcasts, videos and learning through my awesome children's book critique groups and organizations.
       I also love participating in critiques, art challenges and assignments with fellow professional, published illustrators, authors, art directors, editors and agents, which help us hone in our skills. 
One of the most repeated lesson's I've been learning are world building and drawing what you love most in your life.
Character Development - By Christine Mix copyright 2017

  So, I'm working on character development for a new story based on one of our dogs, who passed last year to old age.    Then again, as we are about to become parents to a new puppy, I have a feeling her personality will be sneaking in to the character as well.  Either way - she'll make a great puppy model for gesture drawing!
The more I draw and develop my new puppy character, the more  I think of what her world would be like, from a dogs point of view, and I can't wait to get going!  It's good to find inspiration again and the magic of life.

This Summer has allowed me to stop, take time to rest, draw, write, eat, smell the flowers, splash in the water, visit a museum, listen to a concert, weed the garden, spend time with friends, family, love, play music, read and draw old favorite fairy tales and, be happy. 

Scene from Cinderella, pencil sketch by Christine Mix copyright 2017

Life is good, if you let it be. 

Happy Summer, filled with Rainbows to All! 

May 9, 2017
The Old Stratton School House, Stratton, Vt., photo by Christine Mix
Neighbors and friends in Windham Vermont, and nearby communities are welcome to join us, Thursday, May 11, at 5:30 pm, at the Windham Elementary School, in Windham, Vt. to celebrate the Windham History Project, an arts residency program where students researched and discovered their local history, through integrating arts, poetry and writing. There will be an exhibit of the students original art, the class book they published on their own, pot luck dinner and contra dancing! I have to say again, this was the best art teaching experience I ever had - and having the opportunity to integrate art with helping students to learn history - amazing! 

Here is more information from the school newsletter below :
Put this date on your calendar: Next week on Thursday, May 11,we will be having an old fashioned potluck at 5:30, followed by a short exhibition of the students “Windham History Project.” Immediately following we have a short time set aside for square dancing. It should be fun to search books or the internet for old time recipes. This is not exclusively for the school, bring friends, relatives, neighbors, and the more the merrier.

Special Thanks to the students and staff at WES, the local community who shared their time with us, Vermont Arts Council and the National Endowment of the Arts for making this possible - and successful!

April 16, 2017
Old School House Town of Stratton, Vt.  Teacher's Desk
Spring is a great time for teaching art classes and residencies, that connects one to the past, as well as, the present.  I had a wonderful opportunity to teach my first Artist Residency at a local, rural school of 14 students, 2 classrooms, 1 multi - purpose room and a small lobby.  Set in a small town, of approx. 300 people, the Windham Elementary School wanted to find a way to re-connect their students to the town's history, going back to 1795, through art, writing and poetry.  We visited old school houses, (there used to be 8 schools in Windham, in the old days,) town halls, churches and grave yards.  We explored Vermont's history, from the Glacier age, to the Abenaki's, through French / Indian Wars, the Revolutionary War and the Green Mountain Boys, the Civil War and the Underground Railroad, to the first steam engine trains and cars, to the present.
Old Gas Light Chandelier, now electric, Windham Church, Christine Mix
The children took sketch books with them on all of the field trips, recording the history they learned via sketches and writing down thoughts, notes and poems.
  I felt truly inspired by such of an amazing group of students!  Not only were they engaged, but, they were so excited to learn and see what their community was like hundreds of years ago!  
   Soon, once we get all of the photos uploaded, I will share more.  The school is having all of the student's final art, stories, poems and hopefully some awesome images from their sketch books, printed and published in a book that will be sold at the local store in West Townshend, Vt., to help support the school.  We will also be having a final exhibit and celebration, with an old fashioned contra dance... to be announced soon!

Old Wood Stove, used for heating School Houses in the Winter, 1800's

I have to say, the week I spent working with the students and teachers at Windham Elementary, was a wonderful, awesome experience!  Made possible through the Vermont Arts Council and the National Endowment of the Arts.   Special thanks to all of the teachers and staff at WES, all of the amazing students and towns people who made it such a success! More pictures and celebration dates to come! And thanks to the Brattleboro Reformer for putting the story on the 1st page last week!,504776

On Another Note...
Grid Exercise, by Christine Mix

   The day after I finished the residency at Windham Elementary,  I had another great experience teaching a "Turning Photo's Into Drawings, Drawing With the Grid Method," workshop, at the Gallery at the Vault, in Springfield, Vt..
 This was a good opportunity for me to also turn a photo of my Grandmother, Great Aunt an Great Grandfather into a drawing, which I will be painting soon as well.  I really enjoyed teaching the class, as we had a few senior citizens who had hardly drawn before, and it was really special to see them turn a photo of their loved ones or pets, into beautiful and accurate drawings, and finding their confidence, and sense of purpose.  It was great to see them smile and to take their inked drawings home, free to paint as they like, at their own pace.

All in all, it's been a successful Spring so far, but, now, it's time to get back to my children's illustrations,  stories and submissions.   I feel a little guilty being away from my drawing board for so long, but, I have been sketching and playing around with story ideas.  It's good to take a break to get in touch with one's community and past.
As I once heard Ken Burns say, about his documentary on Thomas Jefferson, "If you don't know where you've come from, how can you know where you are going?"
Sketch from President Obama's Farewell Speech, by Christine Mix

Random sketch from my pocket sketch book, Christine Mix copyright 2017

Happy Winter to all! 

Is the Puppy Asleep? Pencil sketch by Christine Mix copyright 2017

 Living in the Northeast, I find myself always looking forward to Winter, where the snow, ice storms, and sometimes, even the flu bugs, slows us down.  
Snowy Vermont, by Christine Mix copyright 2017

  Here begins the season of hibernation, a time to take a look at our lives from the past year, or maybe even, the years before, and find ways to rest, re-think and revise.   And, what better way to fill our cups again, then with a few good books to read, audio books to listen to, movies to watch, along with snowy walks and visiting with long lost friends? 

  As our cups refill, our imagination becomes alive once more, and encourages us to re-organize, line up our stories, pencils, pens, paint brushes, computers, and enjoy the free time to create.   It's also a great time to fine tune, revise and finish those manuscripts and dummies to get ready to submit for the Spring and Summer.   
Revision of DS spread from Spike & the Wee Sea Folk, by Christine Mix copyright 2016

    As we come to the near end of February, I find it's a great time to start planting seeds - not only for our gardens, but, for all of those new ideas of stories and drawings that come to us as we rest, walk, play, cook and even shovel snow.   A great time for new sketches, drafts and new beginnings.

 Happy Holidays to All!

A new little holiday poem I wrote just for the holidays for all of my friends.  May your holidays be filled with peace, love and joy!

Where Has November Gone?
Ship in the Bottle and the Fairy, Pencil, photoshop, by Christine Mix copyright 2016

Where has November gone?   

Like the leaves twisting and blowing,

 We find ourselves coming and going.

Taking care not to go too fast.

So we can make the moments last.

The December winds whirl,

Like the snow, sparkling and twirling.

We find ourselves making days cheery.

Taking care to stay warm at night.

So we can make the dreamtime last.

Wake up!  The holidays are here!

Evergreens, holly and berries,

We find ourselves laughing and tearing.

Taking care not to eat too much,

So we can make the leftovers last.

Oh, where has the year gone by?

Like the seasons moving and changing,

We find ourselves waking and growing.

Taking care not to work too hard,

So we can make the friendships last.

By Christine Mix, Dec. 2016

And - Here are three little old favorite illustrations, (below), from the early days, painted in watercolor, as memories to share.
It's Santa!   by Christine Mix copyright 1995, watercolor

Silver Harmony, watercolor, by Christine Mix, copyright 1998

Spike's Christmas in the City, watercolor, by Christine Mix, copyright 1996

And to here's a sneak peak of what I've been up too.... will catch up more in the New Year 2017!   Just some new revisions of works in progress:
Spike Break's Free!  Watercolor, DS WIP, watercolor, by Christine Mix copyright 2016
Model Sheet - Character Development, pencil, by Christine Mix copyright 2016

The Three Little Pig's and the Wolf, watercolor, photoshop, DS, by Christine Mix copyright 2016

Oct. / Nov. 2016
Pet Sketches

Life is always changing and when pets come in to our lives, they bring us so much love and joy.  And when they leave, they remind us that life is short, and that compassion and kindness should be part of our lives everyday.   Animals know how to love unconditionally and they can teach us a great deal, if only we listen, look and open our hearts.

   Here are some sketches that I recently drew of three of our pets who have filled our lives these last few years.   
Not only have they inspired us, but, their love and memories live on in our hearts - always.
Mandy, 2005-2016, pencil sketch by Christine Mi copyright 2016
Buddy and Honey, Best friends, pencil sketch by Christine Mix copyright 2016

To Day Job, or Not to Day Job?
Double Spread WIP for Three Little Pigs - CBIG Illustrator Day, 2016, by Christine Mix copyright 2016

 This Summer and Fall have been filled with library programs, camps, seasonal day jobs, and of course, lot's of learning opportunities! 
  I feel like the ghosts, October flew by and the wind brought in November.  I have, however, been sketching, revising, participating in critiques, on-line and off.  
And I have to say, there is something about having other work, besides one's illustration, it always serves as inspiration for future stories - and working with great people a few times a week is a warm welcome from the isolation of an artist's studio!
Although I haven't been able to post on my social media as often as I should, I have been sketching and painting away behind and between, the scenes... 

Little Folk in the City Series, Sketch, Ink, for Inktober, 2016, By Christine Mix copyright 2016

DS Revise in progress, Spike and the Wee Sea Folk, By Christine Mix copyright 2016

DS Revise in progress, Spike and the Wee Sea Folk, By Christine Mix copyright 2016



September 2016!

            September is finally here and Summer is starting to cool down here in Vermont. 
 A Royal Escape, pencil sketch by Christine Mix copyright 2016

Now that Summer is winding down and the leaves are just starting to change to orange and red, it's good to be working a steady pace again, and finding time to draw, and stay in touch with all of the great friends, artists, writers and mentors I've met along the way.   This is why I love drawing contests and  prompts, like the SCBWI's Insight illustrator prompt for Draw This!  Royal, (above).
It's so inspiring, and it always leads to discovery and new ideas.....  


August 2016  - The End of Summer...
Kid's Cartoon / Illustration Camp, Wilder Library, Weston, Vt. Summer 2016

 I love August - it's almost one of my favorite month's here in Vermont, and I have to say, it's been a beautiful Summer in this part of the world, this year.
    As I think about what to write for my August blog post today, I realize, it's almost like writing one of those essays we had to write on the first day of school as a child..."How I spent my Summer Vacation..."
   Well, actually, I didn't have a Summer Vacation - instead, as a teaching artist, Summer is the busiest time for me as library Summer reading programs and children's art camps are in full bloom.  This Summer I offered two programs - Cartoon and Illustration and Create Your Own Game Boards. (See the post from July, below for the children's game board programs.)

Create Your Own Game Board Program, Joslin Memorial Library, Waitsfield, Vt., 2016
 But, somehow, teaching Summer programs felt like vacation, even if it was a lot of work and lesson planning - it was fun!   It was fun planning, and learning as I plan.  It was fun, because at times, I was able to combine studying and working on my own illustration projects, with my lesson planning!
  It was even more fun watching children open up as artists, discovering their own potential and diving into the art of picture story telling, creating their own characters, finding themselves and making new friends.  
  It was truly an honor to be able to teach so many young aspiring artists, illustrators and cartoonists.
Even if not all of the children follow the path of art as a career, they have just found another way to communicate their ideas in all areas of life, developing self confidence and courage.  They also have a found a safe place they can call their own - and that is in creating art, writing and reading books.

Children's Cartoon / Illustration Camp, SVAC, Manchester, Vt. Summer 2016
I've posted some samples of student art, ages 6 - 13, from a few of the library and art programs I taught around Vermont this Summer 2016   (above and below).

Children's Cartoon / Illustration Camp, Poultney Free Library, Poultney, Vt. Summer 2016
Kid's Cartoon / Illustration Camp, Wilder Library, Weston, Vt. Summer 2016

Children's Cartoon / Illustration Camp, Poultney Free Library, Poultney, Vt. Summer 2016

And I am happy to say, being around such young, fresh talent, inspired me to keep up with my own drawing and picture book dummy revisions!  Below are some possible revisions for my PB dummy, featuring Spike, a young, clumsy dragon.
Spike Breaks Free - watercolor character study, by Christine Mix copyright 2016

Spike Meets Ripley, pencil study for dummy, by Christine Mix copyright 2016

Happy July!

This Summer has been a very busy so far, filled up with Summer Reading Programs at libraries everywhere!   In Vermont, this year's theme is On Your Mark, Get Set... Read!

   So I came up with a Create Your Own Game Boards  program, inspired by my favorite game as a child - Candy Land!  It was such a classic game and still is.  I hadn't realized how much the art from the game, influenced me as an artist, all of my life.  I was even more inspired when I read that Candy Land, the Great Lollipop Adventure, was designed in 1948 by Eleanor Abbot, while she was recovering from polio.  The game was created for and tested by children who were on the same ward in the hospital as Eleanor, in San Diego, California.   It was published by the Milton Bradley Company in 1949, and then Milton Bradley Company was sold to Hasbro, in 1984 - and the rest is history!  As for the art in the original game, some believe that Eleanor created the art herself, but, it is more widely believed that the original artist for the game - remains a mystery.

I've had a great time teaching this program so far, and it's so much fun to watch children take the game, and create their own theme for it!  Children are amazing, and make the best teachers sometimes.

Spike and Ripley Reading on the Seashore, watercolor, by Christine Mix copyright 2016

 And, I've managed to finish a couple of new illustrations earlier this month, and am, as always, revising new ones!  You can find the earlier WIP's of these in my earlier posts below.
Champ and the Mermaid, watercolor by Christine Mix copyright 2016

It's June!  
  Spring has finally arrived in Vermont, and Summer is just around the corner - which means lush growth everywhere!  I thought I'd share a little picture of our back yard, where we care take for a 19th century farm house.  The view is always inspirational... and the animals and birds are abundant!  And we had beautiful blossoms on our apple trees, which should mean - a good apple crop this year!
Spring in Vermont, Apple Tree's in Blossom. photo by Christine Mix copyright 2016
 Flowers are blooming everywhere and the Bee's are humming!  Below is a new little illustration I created for a new FB banner.   Inspired by the lilac bushes, bees and butterflies by our window and in the yard.   When I'm in the garden and the bees want me out, I leave - Let the Bees be, I always say.
The Magic of Bees, watercolor by Christine Mix copyright 2016
 And below is a new illustration I painted last month for SCBWI's Draw This!  Last months theme was "Borrow."   Inspired by my Great Grandfather who was a traveling magician in the late 1800's to early 1900's.  He was also a musician and a ventriloquist.   This was also a good chance to sketch out my new PB story in the making, which of course, includes a traveling magician in the old wagon days.
Borrowing the Magic Book, watercolor, by Christine Mix 2016

 Well, that's all for now.  I am fixing this blog and will be adding new posts, links, illustrations, works in progress and hopefully some interviews this Summer, so stay tuned!

 May 2016

Well, it looks like May has finally arrived in Vermont, as the Daffodils and Tulips are in bloom and fiddle heads are in season.   Last April was full of changes as we had a family emergency, and our little cat of 16 years old passed away.   Life is amazing as these things keep us going, and during the last month I found myself being able to focus on the pleasant things of life - like drawing and painting.   Focusing on creativity helps us to keep our balance and gives us strength to help others.  Below are a few of the projects I've been working on and some are works in progress.  
  Not only did I focus on new promo pieces, but, also on new story ideas.  There's more in the works, so stay tuned!
Abby - Pet Portrait / Sketch by Christine Mix copyright 2016

Spike & the Wee Sea Folk - Character study, pencil by Christine Mix copyright 2016

Spike & Ripley, Work in Progress, watercolor by Christine Mix copyright 2016


Spirit Dancer - Boy, Ink, by Christine Mix, copyright 2016 - B/W

Spirit Dancer - Boy, watercolor / Ink, by Christine Mix copyright 2016

March 2016
Spirit Dancer, by Christine Mix copyright 2016, watercolor
Well, I can't believe how fast February flew by this year, and now Spring is just around the corner!  The above image is one I drew for the SCBWI Insight, (monthly letter,) Draw This!   The Feb. prompt was Dance.   To see the full gallery click here:

   I also was happy to be tagged in a 5 day Art Challenge on Facebook, by the amazing and fun children's illustrator, Patricia Keeler, .   Along with the image above, here are four more images I drew for the challenge, below.
Champ and the Mermaid, Ink, by Christine Mix copyright 2016
Charlie's Ship in the Bottle, pencil, by Christine Mix

Mouse Encounters  Pencil, by Christine Mix, copyright 2016

The Magic Wagon Show is Coming to Town! Pencil, Christine Mix copyright 2016
 All of these images were fun and now it is time for me to take them to the next level - and a couple of stories are coming out these as well.  Stay tuned and Happy March!

Happy New Year 2016!  Changes...

A Mother's Puppy Love, pencil sketch by Christine Mix copyright 2016

This last holiday season of 2015 - 2016 was a time of changes for me - good changes, along with some sad.  It was the 2nd Christmas without my mother, but, also the 1st Christmas, where I was healthy enough to enjoy the holidays, with friends, as last year I was sick with thyroid issues.  A huge change in diet, exercise, meditation and perspective helped to reduce stress and made a big difference.

  We also lost our little old dog Buddy, who we inherited from my parents.  He passed a couple of days after New Years, but, enjoyed his last meal of moose sausage and shrimp on New Years day, and was surrounded by friends.  Buddy, my mom and their cat Honey, inspired the sketch up above, which is the beginning of more sketches and a story, started and inspired by my mother.

During the holidays,  I also took on a part-time, seasonal day job making holiday wreaths at a local farm stand.   While it meant that I would spend less time marketing and with social media, it was a wonderful experience which proved to be another creative outlet.  I also made new friends, saw some old ones and came up with another new holiday children's story and some new sketches, which I will be posting soon.   
  Now that the holidays are over and the New Year has begun, I am looking forward to re-focusing, honing in my skills and creating new stories and pictures, focusing on personal projects and library programs for children and families.
  I am so thankful for life and all of the good things that make us want to create and love.  I hope everyone has a peaceful and joyful New Year, and remember - take time out to enjoy life.  Not only will it keep you healthy - but, it will give you more stories to draw from.   

Happy Fall 2015!
Spike's Halloween with Ripley, the Ghost, Christine Mix copyright 2015,  Ink

Well, I have to say, this Fall of 2015 has really flew by.   It was an exceptionally beautiful Fall this year in Vermont, and it was a wonderfully busy time of year as well.   Between  two fun Fall children's after school programs at the Springfield Library, in Springfield, Vt., participating in a new exhibit, Fur and Feather, at the Great Hall in Springfield, Vt., (Oct. 1, 2015 - April 2016), and freelance projects, I've had little time to myself - but, that's a good thing at times.  Now that November is rolling in, it's good to get back to drawing full time - and what a great time to start those character sketches for my new Halloween PB dummy, featuring Spike the Dragon!  (See above.)   It's also a great time to catch up with #Inktober.

August, 2015 
August is a beautiful time in New England, and it always inspires one to draw flowers and veggies from the garden.  As the green beans are growing in our garden, I think of an old favorite English fairy tale I loved as a child - Jack and the Beanstalk.  Here are two new illustrations I've recently finished for my new promo cards, which go along with the earlier version of Jack & the Beanstalk, that I painted earlier this Spring, (see earlier posts below.)   I believe this is another re-telling story idea I have that I may develop into a PB or Graphic Novel someday - stay tuned and meanwhile - enjoy the rest of Summer 2015!
Jack & the Beanstalk, Outside Jack's Window, Ink / watercolor by Christine Mix copyright 2015

Jack & the Beanstalk, Jack Steals the Goose, Watercolor / Ink, by Christine Mix copyright 2015

July 2015!
Spike and the Wee Sea Folk, DS, revision by Christine Mix, copyright 2015
Now that I have two new paintings done for the Fairy Tales exhibit, (at the Brooklyn Public Library, Central Library, Brooklyn NY., thru Sept. 25, 2015, see more info. below,) I finally found time to get back to revising my picture book dummy, Spike and the Wee Sea Folk, which I am happy to say is ready and in the submission process.  This little illustration is a watercolor, double spread, which I repainted and made minor adjustments.   To see more about Spike, and the earlier version if the illustration, visit Spike's own Blog page at:  Spike and the Wee Sea Folk

 June 2015

Here's the 2 water color illustrations I just painted for the upcoming exhibit at the Brooklyn Public Library, Central Library, Brooklyn NY., June 11 - Sept. 25, 2015 
Fairy Tales exhibit, curated by Donna Miskend
Illustrations of fairy tales for a contemporary audience by 20 artists of the Children’s Book Illustrators Group (CBIG).  Youth Wing 
Princess Irene & the Old Staircase, by Christine Mix copyright 2015

Princess Irene & Her Great, Great, Grandmother's Ring, by Christine Mix, copyright 2015
I am so happy to be part of CBIG - NYC and another one of their wonderful exhibits.  For the theme, Fairy Tales, I choose one of my favorite fairy tales of all time - The Princess and the Goblin, by George D. MacDonald, 1872.  This was the one story I read over, and over again as a young girl, and still have read it over and over again as an adult - very special.  I believe this book has influenced my life, and imagination tremendously.  Highly recommended.

And more good news...The CBIG-NYC Master Storytellers exhibit of children's illustrations, curated by amazing  illustrator and visual artist, Donna Miskend, of CBIG-NYC, at the  Poe Park Visitor Center, 2640 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY.  was so popular, it's been extended to June 27, 2015!  For more information   visit: or

Jack and the Beanstalk, water color, by Christine Mix, copyright 2015

It's May 2015!
  And it's official! My little art show at the S. Londonderry Library - in S. Londonderry, Vt. has just been extended for another month - it will be running through the end of May 2015!
 And there's still time to check out the Master Storytellers exhibit of children's illustrations, curated by amazing  illustrator and visual artist, Donna Miskend, of CBIG-NYC, at the  Poe Park Visitor Center, 2640 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY.  The show runs through May 30, 2015.  For more information about Donna Miskend and the wonderful show she has curated, visit   For more info. you can also visit: or

Happy Spring Everyone! 
     It's good to be back again, after a long year of Winter and some health issues I had last Summer and Fall.  Good news - I am all back to par and began this Spring with my 1st solo art exhibit of children's illustrations in the last 5 years, at the South Londonderry Free Library, in South Londonderry Vermont.  The show runs through the end of April 2015, so if you live or are traveling through Vermont, stop by, check out our local charming library and catch a glimpse of Spring!   

And for those who live in or are visiting New York City this Spring:
  With the start of a new Spring season, I am happy to be sharing the final version of one of the illustrations I've been working on, Jack and the Beanstalk, (written by Benjamin Tabart, 1807, and Joseph Jacobs, 1890,)  for The Master Storytellers exhibit of children's illustrations, curated by amazing  illustrator and visual artist, Donna Miskend, of CBIG-NYC, at the  Poe Park Visitor Center, 2640 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY.  The show run April 1 for - May 30, 2015.  For more information about Donna Miskend and the wonderful show she has curated, visit   An art Reception with special guests, will be on April 11th, 2015.  For more info. you can also visit: or

Jack and the Beanstalk, illustrated by Christine Mix, copyright 2015, watercolor / ink

Spring is just around the corner!
Last month I had so much fun participating in #kidlitart28  February Twenty Eight Day Art Challenge!
Here are a few more sketches from last month, all are works in progress.  As we go through March, I'll be posting the finished versions here on my blog -so stay tuned 
Meanwhile - enjoy! 

Jack and the Beanstalk, Ink, Pencil, by Christine Mix, copyright 2015 - Feb 26

Jack and the Beanstalk, Pencil, by Christine Mix, copyright 2015, Feb 13

Rough Sketch of Spike the Dragon, Pencil, Christine Mix, copyright 2015, Feb 24

Rough Sketch, Spike in the Park, by Christine Mix, copyright 2015, Feb. 28

Happy February!   
   I've been working on a few sketches and revisions between shoveling approx. 18 inches of snow these last couple of days.  Here is part of a new sketch I worked on today and yesterday, featuring Spike the Dragon,  for #kidlitart28, February Twenty Eight Day Art Challenge!   Thanks to Mercury in Retrograde, my wacom pad is not working this evening, or my mouse, so I can only post 1/2 of this sketch... stay tuned for the full revised version coming soon.

Spike in the Park, by Christine Mix, copyright 2015
Happy Winter!  Feb. 6, 2015
Here's a new pencil sketch for today's #kidlitart28,  February Twenty Eight Day Art Challenge!  Jack and the Beanstalk, by Christine Mix copyright 2015.  It's a work in progress, and the finished painting will be on exhibit in the NYC area, April  - May.   Stay tuned for more info. as we go into Spring!  To see more sketches and drawings, by lot's of awesome children's illustrators, participating, in the Feb. 28 Day Art Challenge, visit: #kidlitart28 on Twitter!
Jack and the Beanstalk, by Christine Mix copyright 2015
 Feb. 5, 2015
 So happy to jump in for #kidlitart28 February Twenty Eight Day Challenge!  Here is a new rough sketch of my favorite character, Spike the Dragon.  I am currently revising Spike's first  picture book dummy.  To learn more of Spike, check out his own post in the side Bars.
Spike's Story Hour, by Christine Mix, copyright 2015

 Now that our computer is working again, here's a little tribute to today.
"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first Step." Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968)

A scene from "The Princess & the Goblin," written by George MacDonald.  Illo by Christine Mix copyright 2014

Happy New Year 2015!   )

  We've got quite the snow up here in Vermont, and below  0 temps, but, we are warm in our hearts and studios.
 We've also been re-building our computer for the New Year and it's almost done.   It's good to be back on-line and to start anew.   We're just trying to fix some issues with my photo shop and hopefully I'll be posting new sketches and work soon.  Till the next time I post - May the new year bring lot's of art, books and creativity to all.
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! 2014 has been a year of changes and growth, all for the good.   I wish everyone a new year of peace, love, joy, beauty, laughter, good health, harmony, creativity and abundance, in 2015.   Cheers to all :)

 Happy Winter Holidays to All!  Dec. 12, 2014 

    I am so thankful that last month, I was able to get down to NYC for the CBIG -NYC Portfolio Review - It was well worth the trip.   The event was wonderful and everyone was very professional, worked so hard and had a great time.  It was nice seeing old friends and making new ones.  I had to stay an extra day, and am so glad I did, because it gave me a chance to see The Original Art show, featuring illustrations from the years best children's books, at the Society of Illustrators. Visit for more info.  The show runs through Dec. 20th, 2014, so there is still time to catch this inspiring show!

Now that I'm back and settled for the Winter, it's time to get working on the revision of that  PB dummy - featuring you got it... Spike the Dragon!
 Happy November! 
 Here is one out of 3 illustrations that I am finishing up & doing slight revisions.  The sketch (above,) and the colored piece, (below.)  This illustration is a panel for the story, Rimonah of the Flashing Sword, that I did for a mentorship with an art director, through CBIG-NYC, this last Summer.   I really learned a lot and so grateful I was able to participate, before I got sick.  Now that I am feeling much better and drawing, painting & writing again - there are more revisions to come, so stay tuned.

 Meet My Character Blog Tour!  Oct. 27 2014
Happy Monday to all!
       I am happy to present my part of the Meet My Character Blog Tour, which has been passed on to me by amazing children's illustrator and author, Ginger Nielson.  Ginger is an ole critique pal of mine from the Visual Storyteller's Studio days, and she's also in the CBIG-NYC, as well as, SCBWI.  I'd like to send Ginger a big THANK YOU for tagging me and giving me a chance to talk about my character, Spike.
To see and learn more of Ginger's books and illustrations, and her character, Lenny, visit:

Spike's Halloween Hat, ink & wash, by Christine Mix 2014
As for Spike...  I have finished Spike's first picture book dummy, titled Spike and the Wee Sea Folk.  The bottom images are the 2 colored illustrations from the dummy - which, I am considering revising before sending it out, although, it is still available for viewing & critiquing.  I have also started working on Spike's second PB dummy, titled Spike's Magical Halloween, which you can see in the b/w character study of Spike in a Halloween scene above.  More questions about Spike?   Let's continue with the Meet My Character Tour:
Spike and the Wee Sea Folk, from PB dummy, watercolor, WIP, by Christine Mix ocpyright 2009

Spike Bumps into a Star, by Christine Mix copyright 2009
 Meet Spike the Dragon:

What is the name of your character?
When and where is the story set?
The story takes place in the evening sky and on the seashore of New England. 

What should we know about Spike? 
Spike is a clumsy, but, friendly sky dragon.  He has a big heart and would do anything for his friends, including fighting Pirates.  One of Spike's magical powers, is that he can travel through dimensions and time and change size where ever he goes.  Spike loves to travel.

What messes up its life? 
Spike has trouble seeing and what he needs is a pair of eyeglasses.  Without his glasses, he bumps into everything.  He's also a little naive and get's into trouble at times - but, it's all in good fun.

What is the personal goal of your character?
To find his magic and help his friends, a small boy and the wee sea folk, or whoever is in distress. 

Where can we read and learn more about Spike?
You can learn more about Spike on Spike and the Wee Sea Folks page on the side bars.   I'll be posting more images of Spike's Magical Halloween, work in progress, so stay tuned! 

I am happy to pass along the Meet My Character Blog Tour to a wonderful children's illustrator, Alison Lyne.   I know Alison from the Visual Storytellers Studio Showcase and I've always admired her work.  Look for Alison's introduction to her character on her blog next Monday, Nov. 3rd.  Here is a little more about Alison:
 Alison Davis Lyne has illustrated 11 titles for Pelican Publishing Company in Louisiana. She is a PAL SCBWI Midsouth region member, and edits the ART TIPS column in the SCBWI Bulletin. You can see more about her at and in her blog

Oct. 16, 2014... INKTOBER
Here's another little micro pen sketch for Inktober!    For more info. and to view some awesome ink sketches, by some very talented illustrators, visit
and check out #Intober on twitter!  
Fall River Fairy, sketch, by Christine Mix copyright Oct. 2014

 Happy October and #Inktober!   (Oct. 9, 2014).
  It's good to be back to drawing, painting, writing and bloggin.  Like so many other wonderful Illustrators, I've jumped on the train and started drawing random ink sketches for Jake Parker's  Inktober  drawing challenge.   To learn more, visit .  You can see more Inktobers on Twitter - #inktober

 Happy Fall everyone! 
The Air Book Plane, by Christine Mix, copyright 2014.
 It's been awhile since I've posted on my blog... actually, since July 2014.  I've been dealing with some health issues this last Summer, and now that the docs are finally figuring out what's going on, we've been able to figure how to address it all.  Luckily, everything is still in the early stage - which means that a good holistic approach, a healthy "live diet," positive thinking, laughter, stress reduction and healing sessions that includes art and music therapy are a key to avoid radiation and chemo in the future - and a longer, happier life.   The good news is, I'm starting to feel better and stronger already, blessed with great friends, family, community - both at home and in the art and children's publishing community - life is good.  
I'm on the up swing again, so stay tuned as I update my blog, including my Illustration Friday theme,  my website, along with Pinterest and Deviant art.  There are some new illustrations to post and in the making...   Meanwhile - cheers to all!
 Here's a piece I finally finished in August 2014.   The Steam Engine Train Book, by Christine Mix, copyright 2014.   Stay tuned for more revisions to come!

I am so glad I got to get down to NYC for the CBIG Illustrator Day this month - I learned so much.  The art directors were amazing, honest, insightful and very generous with their advice for illustrators, it was well worth the trip.   I am also glad that I took time out to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art - (I haven't been since I was in college) - taking in the Pre-Raphaelites, (my favorite - Sir Edward Burns,) along with the Medieval, Renaissance and the Armor & Weapon Collections... truly inspiring.  July 22, 2014.
June 22, 2014 - Here's a new illustration in progress that I worked on at the Vermont History Expo., Tunbridge, Vt. (above). 
I'm really thankful for the invite and I had a great time presenting an Art Demonstration at the Vermont History Expo, Artists & Artisans, Vermont's Creative Heritage, in Tunbridge, Vt. last weekend, on Sunday, June 22, 2014, representing the Gallery at the Vault.  The History Expo, hosts, volunteers, artists, vendors and history fans from all over, were wonderful - and it was a beautiful day... even if I did get a little lost looking for Tunbridge, Vt... but, it was worth finding!  For more information about the Vermont History Expo, at the Tunbridge World's Fairgrounds - visit  and the Gallery at the Vault, and their Summer Art Programs for children and adults,visit:   
Here is a sneak preview of one of the watercolor illustrations I worked on during the Demo., and am still working on as a personal project. 

by Christine Mix, June 26, 2014 - work in progress... stay tuned!

The Lorax & His Friends Come Back, painted in honor of Dr. Seuss, by Christine Mix

Here's a preview of the illustration I just painted in water color, in honor of Dr. Seuss - The Lorax and His Friends Come Back, for The 20th Annual Children's Book Art Auction and Reception at BookExpo America,  hosted by bestselling author and illustrator Jarrett J. Krosoczka. The auction, which is co-sponsored by ABFFE and the ABC Children's Group, is now available on Ebay

Proceeds support ABFFE's defense of the free speech rights of young readers. ABFFE is a co-founder of the Kids' Right to Read Project, which supports students, parents, teachers and librarians fighting book challenges around the country.. To learn more visit
I'm so happy to be able to participate for such a good cause!

Here's a new character sketch for the back of my new post-card!
Earlier Rough Sketches are below.

Character Sketches by Christine Mix copyright 2014
Happy Spring 2014!  Welcome! Here you will find some of my newest illustrations and works in progress, before I post them on my website.  My mother, who has always been a great inspiration to me, passed recently from cancer this last Summer, 2013.  While she was sick I slowed down the wheels and took some time off to care for her and family business.  Right after her funeral I got very ill and it took a couple of months to recover, and then... Winter 2014 hit.  I'm starting to get back in the saddle again, however, Spring is here and I have focused on honing in my skills as an illustrator, writer and hopefully - blogger.
One of the things I promised myself is to post on my blog more, not only about my works in progress, but, also about cool things going on in the Kidlit world - especially books and news -so stay tuned.  
To start, here are some current character sketches (above), that I am working on.  The top sketches are the 1st drafts - which I used my own photos for reference.  The bottom sketches are the 2nd tracings - which I will clean up and add details, etc... there are more characters to stay tuned! 

Little City Folk by Christine Mix copyright 2014, new work hot off the drawing board!

I have a few new projects in the works and the wheels are spinning - just like time - ever changing.  Here is one of my latest illustrations for 2014, Little City Folk, painted in water color.  This was for Kidlitart's Postcard Boost, 2014.  To see it's progress, visit my Works In Progress page on this blog, (see link on side bar).  
Most of my colored illustrations throughout this blog are painted in water color and some are mixed with a little photo shop magic. Most of my black and white illustrations are created in pencil and photo shop and I'll be working with ink more.
I am constantly updating this blog, so check the side bars to find blog portfolio pages for Colored Illustrations, Bio, Books, Black and White Illustrations, Works in Progress, the latest weekly postings for Illustration Friday and more!

I made a complete overhaul to my main website in 2013, but, it's still a work in progress.  My new web portfolio address is now  .
Stay tuned as I'll be adding some new pages for community art and other fun things on this blog through 2014.   
For more information on workshops, events and news… follow me on Facebook at

and Twitter   #ChrisMixArt

We've moved as of last Nov., 2012, so my contact info. has changed - which is listed at the top sidebar.

Here is a picture of our new cat, which we adopted last Winter... I decided to make her head of the complaint department.

Here's a color spot illustration,  published in
Back- to- School- Issue, 2012
Christine Mix copyright 2012

 To learn more about  my PB dummy, Spike and the Wee Sea Folk  click on Spike's  link on the side bar.