Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spike & the Wee Sea Folk, sneak peeks...

Welcome to Spike the Dragon's own Blog spot!
Spike's Halloween Hat, Christine Mix 2014, from Spike's Magical Halloween, his 2nd PB dummy  in progress.
 I started drawing, painting and writing about Spike right after I got out of college.  Since then, Spike has gained a few fans and has stuck with me as I grew up.  Spike is a friendly, but, clumsy dragon, who needs glasses.  In Spike's 1st picture book story,  Spike and the Wee Sea Folk., he has to venture out on his own for the first time and he meets new friends who help him make a pair of magical glasses and the adventure begins....
The image above is the cover art, along with the three images below, which are the first two full color illustrations, and one pencil drawing, (double spread,) for my picture book dummy, Spike and the Wee Sea Folk.   The picture book dummy, is available for viewing and critiquing.
Spike Bumps Into a Star, by Christine Mix 2009, water color

Spike's Arrival, by Christine Mix 2009, watercolor
Spike Get's a Little Help, by Christine Mix 2009, pencil / photoshop

 Here's some old favorite illustrations and earlier versions of Spike that I painted in early years, below.
Spike's Magical Halloween, Christine Mix 2000, watercolor
Spike's Magical Christmas, Christine Mix 1998, watercolor
Spike's Winter's Eve, Christine Mix 2009, watercolor

Spike's Christmas in the City, by Christine Mix 1995, watercolor
A Gift from the Star Nation, Christine Mix 1997, watercolor
 I painted the above image on the street in chalk for the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival in 1997, before I did a second one in watercolor.  It was fun and Spike made many friends.

Spike and Wordo's Magical Wish, Christine Mix 1990, watercolor

This is the first illustration of Spike I ever painted and the where it all begins. (above).

For more info. about Spike, contact cmixart2@gmail.com.  Stay tuned, as there are more then one Spike the Dragon stories in the making!

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